How To Communicate With Newborn?

Microbiota may communicate with human gut cells through enzyme signalling

You need to make the baby ready to face the world but, for that you will need to take baby steps. While the baby is growing up, its ready to learn new things and adapt to new conditions. You will find that your baby is more responsive and eager in the early growing up years. Does your baby gurgle looking at you or begin clapping with happiness when you come to pick it up? Well, those are signs of responsiveness that the baby showcases.
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To address this Dr Regis Stentz from the UK Institute of Food Research (IFR) and colleagues screened the genomes of hundreds of different species of gut bacteria – finding that one of the most prominent gut bacteria species – a type of Bacteroides – produces an enzyme that is able to break down phytate and is also able to facilitate ‘cross-kingdom communication.’ “Our study provides a breakthrough in understanding how bacteria communicate across different kingdoms to influence our own cells’ behaviour, as well as how we digest our food,” said Stentz. Commenting on the breakthrough, Professor Simon Carding who leads IFR’s research into gut health said the team has “cracked one of the big mysteries in gut health how do beneficial bacteria communicate with human cells.” “The enzyme we’ve uncovered has dual roles, in providing dietary nutrients as well as in modifying host cell behaviour,” he explained. “This opens up a number of very exciting areas of research.” Study details After identifying the enzyme using genomic sequencing, the team mapped its 3D structure in order to better characterise it and its functions. In the process of this 2D structuring and characterisation, process revealing that the enzyme is was highly effective at processing phytate into the nutrients the body needs.
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