3 Ways To Most Effectively Communicate Your Personal Brand

CSR helps communicate Ceuta Healthcare’s fleet policies

You are most proficient at effectively communicating your personal brand when you can describe the interconnected and woven layers that define it, in two words or less (your personal brand keywords). For example, if you regularly read my Forbes columns, you will notice that there are several common themes that are featured throughout my leadership, workplace, and career management messages. In fact, I have over 20 categories that I have been able to distill into 6 common themes that represent my unique experiences, learnings, hardships and success stories. They are as follows: Opportunity Legacy Authentic Identity Many of my readers have asked how to consistently write original content that is authentic based on personal experiences that leaders and others in the workplace can relate to. My response: personal branding is a leadership responsibility; not a self-promotion campaign . My responsibility is to share the foundational elements that have shaped and defined my personal brand (Immigrant Perspective) over the course of my life and career. A personal brand is the total experience of the relationship that others have with you. Effectively sharing the total experience of my personal brand with others has involved thousands of hours of self-reflection, introspection and evaluation of my childhood years (which my parents have well-documented), education, career choices, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, and research of my cultural heritage (all of which I have documented). This journey and responsibility to manage my brand and effectively communicate it with others has challenged me to simplify the common themes into two words (Immigrant Perspective), to create efficiency in delivering my message in order to provide the necessary clarity of thought in every word, sentence and lesson all to assure my personal brand is understandable and resonates with others. This three-pronged approach one by the way that Apple embraces and uses to explain its brand harmony represents the most effective way to communicate your personal brand. The following describes each of these interconnected parts so that you can choose to do the same with your personal brand on your way to becoming a more responsible leader . 1. Simplicity in Organization The digital world brought upon us by social media, smartphones, apps, etc., challenges todays leaders to communicate their personal brand in simpler ways (e.g., Twitter with its 140 character limit). It has introduced a new, more simplistic form of communication that has transcended the workplace and impacts society at-large. As such, people now have more of an appetite for content chunks that are quickly digestible, relatable and applicable to their lives.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2013/07/15/3-ways-to-most-effectively-communicate-your-personal-brand/

We had everything in place we had managers support, we had induction processes, we gave staff driver handbooks and got them to sign them, we did driver training – but I was still concerned, Bolton says. Was there a gap there? If someone had a serious accident is it enough to say well a year ago you signed this? We needed a new way to drip feed information to staff and keep the policy fresh. Bolton was also looking to remind staff about the environment and to draw attention to the companys charity work. I needed a framework to put these elements together, she says. She turned to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) brochure which her leasing provider Arval had given her.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/fleet-management/csr-helps-communicate-ceuta-healthcare-s-fleet-policies/48029/


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