Men And Women Communicate Differently

To compare to the picture drawing analogy above, when two women have a conversation, one creates a picture, complete with color, shapes and texture and places it down in front of the other. The other woman either adds to this picture or creates her own to place beside it. Neither destroys their picture, but instead keeps adding to them, weaving an increasingly complex design. Sometimes they create and add pictures so quickly it might look like a blur to a nearby male, but the women are so immersed in the flow of their dance, that they understand each other completely.
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How to communicate effectively in engineering project management

Example: Engineer 1 is working in a site with significant code standards and is implementing some new program code. This engineer is executing detailed test cases and uncovers a minor code bug that needs to be resolved. (For the purpose of the example, assume the code error is minor, and is not safety related, but still needs correcting.) The engineer, in a desire to ensure the remainder of the team is aware of the issue, writes a note as follows: Dear team, While working on site today I encountered scenario XYZ which will, unfortunately, cause code behavior ABC. To rectify this issue you need to download the revised version attached. Please resolve this in your current program and download to the controller.” The problem above is that pretty much nobody will actually do the work requested.
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